Welcome to Muziki Online

Muziki Online offers quality online tuition on piano, flute, clarinet and saxophone with Jade Curran. Jade has 20 years music teaching experience including music classroom teaching in primary and secondary schools, delivering workshops and directing ensembles in addition to one to one instrumental teaching. Jade has a consistently high success rate for her pupils in the ABRSM music exams, most of whom achieve merits and distinctions.

Benefits of Online Music Lessons:

  • Learning in your own home – pupils are comfortable in their own surroundings and therefore more relaxed
  • Time to prepare before the lesson – pupils have time to get their instrument set up and warmed up before the lesson begins. No time is lost getting music books out of bags and there is no pack down time at the end of the lesson.
  • No travel time to and from lessons
  • Parents can overhear the lessons and subtly monitor progress and work set
  • Greater chance of remembering the lesson time as it’s a fixed every week
  • Pupils don’t miss any classroom lessons at school to come to their music lesson
  • More consistency in progress as multiple weeks are not missed during the long school holidays